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Journal of Nonlocality and Remote Mental Interactions 2(2)  July 2003

Items indexed for each publication - research articles and notes, review articles, editorials, meeting presentations, obituaries and book reviews. (Contents such as correspondence and news have not been included.)

Lian Sidorov
Editor's Note (Editorial)

[Lian Sidorov]
Landscaping the Mind: Space-Time Grids, Information Coding and Meaning Retrieval in Remote Viewing. An interview with Joseph McMoneagle (Interview)

The Mind in Time: A Round Table Discussion on Causality, Physics and Parapsychology (Interview)

Matti Pitkanen
Time, Spacetime and Consciousness

Nicholas H.E. Prince
Are Memories Really Stored in the Brain? A Quantum Theoretical Non-local Model of Human Memory

Matti Pitkanen
Quantum Model of Nerve Pulse, EEG and ZEG

Matti Pitkanen
Quantum Model of the Sensory Receptor

Alex Kaivarainen
New Hierarchic Theory of Water and Its Role in Biosystems. Bivacuum Mediated Time Effects, Electromagnetic, Gravitational and Mental Interactions

Robert Wolfe
What is Wrong with the Western Concept of Time?

Lian Sidorov
Thinking Outside the Box in Experimental Parapsychology (Experimental Paper/Proposal)

Dean Radin
Time Reversed Human Experience: Experimental Evidence and Implications (Experimental Paper/Proposal)
Reproduced with author permission

Aroutioun Agadjanian
Experimental Studies of Information Transmission Between Killed and Surviving Individuals of the Same Biological Population as Representation of Species Consciousness and Its Evolutionary Role (Experimental Paper/Proposal)

Lian Sidorov
Distant mental interactions, entanglement and energy signatures (Experimental Proposal)

Lian Sidorov
What is the earliest physiological detector of psi information? (Experimental Proposal)

Matti Pitkanen
Some tests for TGD inspired view about remote mental interactions (Experimental Proposal)

Daniel J. Benor
Interesting Topics for Future Research (Experimental Proposal)