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Journal of Anomalous Experience and Cognition 3(1)  2023

Items indexed for each publication - research articles and notes, review articles, editorials, meeting presentations, obituaries and book reviews. (Contents such as correspondence and news have not been included.)

Julia Mossbridge
Precognition at the Boundaries An Empirical Review and Theoretical Discussion
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Helané Wahbeh, Arnaud Delorme and Dean Radin
Rating the Persuasiveness of Empirical Evidence for the Survival of Consciousness After Bodily Death A cross-sectional study
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Abby L. Pooley, Aja L. Murray and Caroline Watt
Understanding the Factors at Play in the Sender-Receiver Dynamic During the Telepathy Ganzfeld A Meta-Analysis
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Paula Thomson and S. Victoria Jaque
Performing Artists and Anomalous Experiences Overexcitability, Creativity, and Trauma History Are Part of the Picture
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George Williams
Anomalous Mind-Matter Influence, Free Will, and the Nature of Causality
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Ephraim Yeruham Levin
The Presentiment Effect Points to an Occurrence of a von Neumann's Collapse.
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Dean Radin
A Metaphysical Theory Connecting Mind, Matter, and Meaning A review of Dual-Aspect Monism and the Deep Structure of Meaning [by Harald Atmanspacher and Dean Rickles] (Book Review)
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Etzel Cardeña
The Definitive Account of Early Mediumship: A Review of The Heyday of Mental Mediumship: 1880s-1930s: Investigators, Mediums and Communicators [by Alan Gauld] (Book Review)
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Etzel Cardeña
Recent Publications of Note
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