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PsyArXiv Preprint Service  July 2020

Preprints, arranged by date when last edited. Only psi-related items are included here.

Luciano Pederzoli, Marco Bilucaglia, Elena Prati, Marzio Matteoli and Patrizio Tressoldi
Modern Thoughtography: Mind Interaction at a distance with digital camera sensors: a pilot study (Preprint)
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Bethany Butzer
Does Synchronicity Point Us Toward the Fundamental Nature of Consciousness? (Preprint)
Withdrawn from PsyArXiv because accepted for publication by the Journal of Consciousness Studies
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Jan Walleczek and Nikolaus von Stillfried
False-positive Effect in the Radin Double-slit Experiment: HARKing is used by Radin et al. to Misrepresent the Advanced Meta-experimental Protocol used in Walleczek and von Stillfried (2019) (Preprint)
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