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PsyArXiv Preprint Service  May 2020

Preprints, arranged by date when last edited.

Luciano Pederzoli, Elena Prati, Arianna Ballati and Patrizio Tressoldi
Remote Viewing with and without controlled Out-Of-Body Consciousness (Preprint)
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Dean Radin and Loren Carpenter
Psychophysical interactions with photon polarization: Two exploratory studies (Preprint)
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Juensung J. Kim, Daniel Greig, Alexandra Abramovich and John Vervaeke
Rubber hands and astral bodies: An argument for the reality of a cognitive science of magic (Preprint)
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Lance Storm and Patrizio E. Tressoldi
Meta-Analysis of Free-Response Studies 2009-2018: Assessing the Noise-Reduction Model Ten Years On (Preprint)
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Luciano Pederzoli, Marco Bilucaglia, Elena Prati, Marzio Matteoli and Patrizio Tressoldi
Modern Thoughtography: Mind Interaction at a distance with digital camera sensors: a pilot study (Preprint)
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Douglas M. Snyder
On the Quantum Mechanical Wave Function as a Link Between Cognition and the Physical World: A Role for Psychology (Preprint)
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