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PsyArXiv Preprint Service  June 2022

Preprints, arranged by date when last edited. Only psi-related items are included here.

Helané Wahbeh, Paolo Speirn, Luciano Pederzoli and Patrizio Tressoldi
Is scientific information received from channeling useful? An exploratory study (Preprint)
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Patrizio Tressoldi
Varieties of mind-matter interaction at distance: a scoping review (Preprint)
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Wei Peng, Emiel Cracco and Marcel Brass
Believing is seeing: belief in dualism is related with illusory pattern detection (Preprint)
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Helané Wahbeh, Dean Radin, Cedric Cannard and Arnaud Delorme
What if consciousness is not an emergent property of the brain? Observational and empirical challenges to materialistic models (Preprint)
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