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PsyArXiv Preprint Service  November 2021

Preprints, arranged by date when last edited. Only psi-related items are included here.

Kande Lekamalaya Senarath Dayathilake
Consciousness and life after death in the evolution of intelligence (Preprint)
DOI (full text)

Peter Moseley, Adam Powell, Angela Woods, Charles Fernyhough and Ben Alderson-Day
Voice-hearing across the continuum: a phenomenology of spiritual voices (Preprint)
DOI (full text)

Valerie van Mulukom, Adam Baimel, Everton de Oliveira Maraldi, Thomas Joseph Coleman III and Miguel Farias
Examining the relationship between metacognitive trust in thinking styles and supernatural beliefs (Preprint)
DOI (full text)

Zoltan Dienes and Gyorgy Moga
Expressing unconscious general knowledge using Chevreul's pendulum (Preprint)
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