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PsyArXiv Preprint Service  June 2021

Preprints, arranged by date when last edited. Only psi-related items are included here.

Dean Radin, Helané Wahbeh, Leena Michel and Arnaud Delorme
Psychophysical effects in double-slit interference patterns: Response to a critique (Preprint)
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Patrizio Tressoldi and Lance Storm
Anomalous Perception: An Umbrella Review of the Meta-Analytic Evidence (Preprint)
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Patrizio Tressoldi, Laura Liberale, Fernando Sinesio, Vladimiro Bubba, Luciano Pederzoli and Ines Testoni
Mediumship accuracy: a quantitative and qualitative study with a triple-blind protocol (Preprint)
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Pascal Michael, David Luke and Oliver Robinson
An Encounter with the Other: A Thematic Analysis of Accounts of DMT Experiences from a Naturalistic Field Study (Preprint)
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Dean Radin, Peter Bancel and Arnaud Delorme
Psychophysical interactions with entangled photons: Five exploratory experiments (Preprint)
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Joseph Sommer, Pernille Hemmer, Julien Musolino and Chrystal Spencer
A new methodological tool to study the memorability of supernatural concepts (Preprint)
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