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Journal of Scientific Exploration 34(1)  2020

Items indexed for each publication - research articles and notes, review articles, editorials, meeting presentations, obituaries and book reviews. (Contents such as correspondence and news have not been included.)

Stephen E. Braude
Cosmic Aesthetics (Editorial)
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Mark J. Carlotto
An Analysis of the Alignment of Archaeological Sites
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Julie Beischel and Mark Boccuzzi
Development and Deployment of the Windbridge Psi and Related Phenomena Awareness Scale (WPRPAS)
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Stephan Andrew Schwartz
The Discovery of an American Brig: Fieldwork Involving Applied Remote Viewing Including a Comparison with Electronic Remote Sensing
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Henry Bauer
Loch Ness Monsters as cryptid (presently unknown) sea turtles (Essay)
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Henry H. Bauer
Disappointing "Documentary" about Loch Ness Monsters ("Nessies"): (Can Good Documentaries Be Made about Such Subjects?) Loch Ness Monster: New Evidence by Travel Channel and Discovery Channel (Essay Review)
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Sharon Hewitt Rawlette
Phone Calls from the Dead? Exploring the Role of the Trickster. Des coups de fil de l'AU-DELà? Enquête sur un phénomène paranormal incroyable: Sa folie, ses caractéristiques et son explication by Laurent Kasprowicz (Essay Review)
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Nemo C. Mörck
The Star Gate Archives: Reports of the United States Government Sponsored Psi Program, 1972-1995. Volume 3: Psychokinesis compiled and edited by Edwin C. May and Sonali Bhatt Marwaha (Book Review)
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John B. Alexander
The UFO Encyclopedia: The Phenomena from the Beginning (3rd ed.), Vol. 1: A-M, Vol. 2: N-Z by Jerome Clark (Book Review)
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Michael Levin
Beyond Mechanism: Putting Life Back into Biology edited by Brian Henning and Adam Scarfe (Book Review)
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Gerhard Mayer
Anthropology and Cryptozoology: Exploring Encounters with Mysterious Creatures by Samantha Hurn (Book Review)
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George R. Williams
Galileo's Error: Foundations for a New Science of Consciousness by Philip Goff (Book Review)
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