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Journal of Nonlocality 3(2)  2014

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Joseph M Caswell, Trevor N Carniello, Lucas W.E. Tessaro, Lian Sidorov, Blake T. Dotta, David A.E. Vares, Margaret M. Moga, Matti Pitkanen, Brian Millar, Rajendra P Bajpai, Patrizio Tressoldi, Hideyuki Kokubo, James Lake, Jean E. Burns, Brendan Lehman, Wolfgang Baer, Nicolas Rouleau, David Schumacher, Lyndon Juden-Kelly, Stephen Jarosek and Kean Hin Ooi
Conditioning of Space-Time: The Relationship between Experimental Entanglement, Space-Memory and Consciousness. Journal of Nonlocality Round Table Series, Colloquium #4 (Panel Discussion)
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