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European Journal of Parapsychology 20(2)  2005

Items indexed for each publication - research articles and notes, review articles, editorials, meeting presentations, obituaries and book reviews. (Contents such as correspondence and news have not been included.)

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Ian R. Hume and Tony A. Lawrence
Assessing the relationship between ESP task success and vividness of voluntarily generated mental imagery as measured by Betts' QMI
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Yung-Jong Shiah and Wai-Cheong Carl Tam
Do human fingers "see"? - "Finger-reading" studies in the East and West
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Paul Stevens
The effect of weak magnetic fields on a random event generator: reconsidering the role of geomagnetic fluctuations in microPK studies
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Simon J. Sherwood, Chris A. Roe, Nicola J. Holt and Stuart Wilson
Interpersonal psi - exploring the role of the experimenter and the experimental climate in a ganzfeld telepathy task
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Marios Kittenis
Parapsychology in the 21st Century: essays on the future of psychical research by Michael A. Thalbourne and Lance Storm (eds.) (2004) (Book Review)
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Ian R. Hume and Tony A. Lawrence
From shaman to scientist: essays on humanity's search for spirits by James Houran (ed.) (2004) (Book Review)
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Carlos Alvarado
Obituary: Piero Cassoli (Obituary)
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